Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lucky me!!!

I had such a fun day today!!!! We went into London on the train - much to Jack, Rachael and Toby's delight!! They loved every second of it! We met up with Anne, Reni and Riley and wandered around Spitalfields. We bought the most amzing bubble blowing things that blow the most enormous bubbles and ate ice-cream in the sunshine!!! Such fun!
I have also been doing a lot of thinking about being BRCA2+. I know it probably sounds really strange, but I feel so lucky that I know about it. Or maybe it isn't strange. The more I think about what Dr Kumar, the genetic Consultant said about us being the lucky ones as most people have a genetic mutation but they don't know about it and we are lucky as we do and something can be done about it. I think about my impending surgery with an overwhelming sense of relief that I can almost eliminate my risk of breast cancer. I don't feel scared about it at the moment, I actually feel excited! The fact that I am excited worries me a bit as it seems a bit odd to be excited about an operation when there isn't actually anything wrong with me. But then I think that as there isn't anything wrong me and it should stay that way and that is why I am having the op. All lots of confusing thoughts but I feel that at the end of the day I am doing exactly the right thing for me and my family.
Yesterday I went for a massage with a holistic therapist. I told her about my BRCA2 diagnosis and my plans and it turned out that she had had breast cancer. Well, when I told her about my impending PBM she seemed very keen on showing me her new boob and scar - it was so odd having someone showing off their most intimate parts when I had only met then 5 minutes before!!! She seemed quite, how can I put it, boob-orientated because she sis my massage and before I knew it she had the towel off me and was massaging a little too close to mine for comfort! Crikey, I was a little traumatised - especially after she had done cupping on my back which feels like you are being hoovered and has left the most enormous red marks all over my back! All in all a relaxing but bizarre experience!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A squash and a squeeze!!

I had my mammogram today!! I went to Barts and actually remembered the way there on foot, which for me is amazing as I have no sense of direction and probably couldn't find my way out of a paper bag! It was such a hot day and I had read somewhere that I shouldn't wear deoderant as it interferes with the results - probably a load of old rubbish - but it meant that I was a little hot and sweaty when I got there! I had to go and change into a very fetching hospital gown - well I think I am a reasonably intelligent woman but for the life of me I couldn't work out how to tie up the numerous strings on it. I had to sit and hold it closed in case I gave anyone an eyeful!I was called into a very white room with a huge machine in it and was asked all sorts of questions about my boobs and family history (again - only did it last week with the Dr there) and then came the time I had to strip off.....I warned the lady that I was nervous and she was very nice and she got me to stand near the machine. I was very concerned that will my small offerings she wouldn't actually be able to do anything but I was very relieved (or maybe not) to see that they could be squashed and squeezed just as well as the next persons. It wasn't at all painful and actually made me giggle!! She took 4 x-rays and that was it - I could go and put my clothes back on and off I went on my merry way!!Not at all as bad as I had anticipated!! Hopefully the MRI will be as simple!!